10 Best Chainsaws for Home Use



best chainsaw for home use

A chainsaw is a powerful cutting tool that is mostly used for heavy duty activities. While you may wonder why, a chainsaw is actually a very useful tool to have at home! 

Having a chainsaw in your toolkit will help you in many situations. Whether you like 

  • building or creating your own furniture
  • modifying your room
  • and even chopping down trees in your backyard.

Chainsaws are now available in different sizes with different features. Depending on your needs, you can get a regular-sized or a smaller chainsaw. 

To help you get the perfect chainsaw, the following article will discuss more about the 10 best chainsaws for home use. 

Chainsaw Comparison

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10 Best Chainsaws for Home Use in 2022 – Our Reviews

1. Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500

Chainsaws often generate a lot of noise when being operated. If you are living in a dense neighborhood, this can easily disturb your surrounding neighbor. 

That is why a chainsaw that generates less noise like the Oregon CS1500 can be the best for home use.

This chainsaw is very easy to use, lightweight and has an ergonomic design. While it is lightweight, the saw is still very powerful. 

You will be assisted with a built-in Powersharp chain-sharpening system. 

The chain itself also has a built-in lubricating system, but you may have to add extra lubrication depending on the object you are cutting. 


  • Generates less noise and silent in between cuts
  • Lightweight with an ergonomic design 
  • Equipped with Powersharp chain-sharpening system


  • May require extra lubrication 
  • Replacing the chain may be hard for some people

2. BLACK+DECKER LP1000 Lopper Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER LP1000 chainsaw

Using a chainsaw is not that hard, but it still requires skills and agility to cut through strong objects such as chains and trees. 

Instead of using a regular chainsaw, the BLACK+DECKER LP1000 can be a much easier choice for you. 

Unlike a regular chainsaw that relies on a single saw, this particular saw utilizes a clamping saw that works in a scissor-like motion. 

With a clamping saw underneath the main saw, you will be able to easily lift an object and move it around. 

The saw itself is made of strong heavy-duty material. While small branches tend to get stuck to the chain, this should not be a red flag as you can remove it in no time. 


  • Additional clamp saw that acts in a scissor-like motion
  • Can be used to lift and move objects
  • Made of strong material


  • Small branches tend to get stuck in the chain 
  • Need constant lubrication

3. Greenworks 20262 Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 20262 Cordless Chainsaw

Chainsaw is not a light item to carry around. When working in a large area, especially outdoors, the cord can limit your mobility and movements. 

If you relate with this problem, I recommend getting a cordless chainsaw like the Greenworks 20262. 

This is a chainsaw that relies on an environmentally friendly G-MAX 40V Lithium-Ion battery, which will deliver a strong fade-free performance. 

While the Greenworks 20262 is a powerful chainsaw, it is not the most powerful and some people may find it hard to cut through thicker objects. 

Nevertheless, its lightweight design and automatic oiler will help you improve your performance.

You can also easily increase the tension of the chain without using any additional tools. 


  • Cordless operation to maximize mobility
  • Strong fade-free performance
  • Lightweight and easy to adjust the tension


  • Some people (especially beginners) may find it hard to cut through thicker objects
  • Needs to be charged after long usage

4. DEWALT DCCS620B Chainsaw


The DEWALT DCF620B is one of the best chainsaw for home use that relies on cordless technology. 

Similar to most cordless chainsaws, this chainsaw is lightweight and very easy to work with. 

Besides increasing your mobility, it also has an ergonomic design that will help give you maximum control during cutting. 

Using a 20V MAX*battery, this chainsaw can last for a long time when fully charged. It also works with minimal kickback as the 12 inches bar and chain will work sturdily. 

However, the battery and charger are not included, so make sure to get them for a complete package. 


  • One of the best and most durable cordless chainsaws
  • Lightweight and very easy to work with
  • Works sturdily with minimal kickback


  • Batteries and charger are not included
  • Oil may leak if not used frequently

5. Worx WG309 Pole Chainsaw

Worx WG309

Having a backyard full of plants and trees requires a lot of maintenance. 

While most people only use chainsaws to cut down trees and branches, the Worx WG309 will also help you cut your grass, trees, and branches all with one tool. 

This is possible because this chainsaw has a pole design, which is convenient for grass cutting and can help you reach for branches on tall trees. 

The chainsaw only weighs 10 lbs., but it may be too heavy for some people to maneuver across high trees. 

Regardless, the powerful 8-amp motor will help you cut through those branches easily. 

In addition, the Worx WG309 also comes with an oiling and self-tensioning system. 


  • Multifunctional and versatile pole chainsaw
  • Weighs only 10 lbs.
  • Powerful 8-amp motor


  • May be a little heavy when reaching for high branches
  • Using it for a long time may cause back pain



If you do not have trees or branches to cut in your backyard, I recommend getting a more straightforward tool like the DEWALT FLEXVOLT. 

This particular tool by DEWALT is specially made to trim grasses effectively, with powerful and long running battery life that unfortunately is not included within the purchase. 

This chainsaw makes use of a 16-inch cutting swath that will help you cover more grounds in one go. 

While the sharp swath will help you cut down grasses neatly, the trimming guard is a little small. 

So, just make sure to sweep off the excess grass around your yard!


  • Specially designed to trim grasses effectively
  • Powerful and long running battery
  • Sharp 15 inches cutting swath to help you cover large areas quickly and neatly


  • Batteries are not included on purchase
  • A relatively small trim guard

7. Craftsman S165 Gas Chainsaw

Craftsman S165 gas chainsaw

When searching for the best chainsaw for home use, you do not have to get a heavy-duty or the strongest chainsaw available. 

Yet if you are looking for a versatile chainsaw with more power, I recommend trying the Craftsman S165. 

This is a gas-powered chainsaw capable of delivering high-output performance at 42cc when fully cranked. 

The Craftsman S165 is one of the most powerful chainsaws you can get for home use. 

With that said, starting the tool will take a little more time compared to a smaller chainsaw. 

Still, this chainsaw is suitable for home use as it is very easy to maintain, thanks to its self-oiling technology. 


  • One of the most powerful chainsaws suitable for home use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Self-oiling technology to help you with lubrication


  • Takes longer time to start 
  • Heavier than a regular home chainsaw

8. Sun Joe SWJ807E Pole Chainsaw

Sun Joe SWJ807E

The Sun Joe SWJ807E is the perfect chainsaw if you are looking for a more affordable multi-functional chainsaw for home use. 

Adjustable into different forms, this chainsaw can be used as a regular chainsaw or converted into a pole for cutting tree branches. 

With a robust power of 8-amp motors, it has more than enough power to cut through thick tree branches. 

The Sun Joe SWJ807E is relatively cheaper than most chainsaws, but it still has a strong build with an ergonomic design. 

Unfortunately, the exterior of this chainsaw is only made of plastic. I would recommend handling it with extra care. 


  • Affordable multi-functional chainsaw
  • Powerful 8-amp motors to cut through thick branches
  • Strong built with ergonomic design


  • Body made of plastic
  • Less compact and sturdy 

9. KIMO Cordless Mini Chainsaw

KIMO Cordless Mini Chainsaw

If you are not looking to use a chainsaw for heavy duty projects, a smaller chainsaw will suit you better. 

Not only is it easier to maneuver and to store, but it will also be much cheaper than a chainsaw with large motors. 

The KIMO Mini Chainsaw is a versatile chainsaw that weighs only 3.1 lbs., making it one of the smallest chainsaws you can get for home use.

The KIMO Mini Chainsaw also relies on a 2.0Ah rechargeable battery, which provides enough power for the saw. 

However, do not expect this chainsaw to be as powerful as the larger chainsaws. 

The small size makes it really easy to use, and it also comes with a safety lock switch to prevent any accident.


  • Weighs only 3.1 lbs. 
  • Small and versatile
  • Safety lock to prevent accidents


  • Not as powerful as larger chainsaw for home use
  • Hard to adjust the tightness of the chain

10. Makita UC4051A Chainsaw


When it comes to cutting thick and heavy objects, a larger chainsaw with more power will help make your cutting process easier. 

Remember that you can always get more than 1 chainsaw for different purposes. 

If you are looking for a powerful machine suited for cutting thicker objects, I recommend the Makita-UC4051A.

Compared to other chainsaw for home use, this particular model may be a little bigger and harder to maneuver. 

However, the chains can work at a speed of 2900 fpm, which is a game-changer for tasks at home. 

This chainsaw is also well equipped with all the standard features such as an ergonomic grip and a large oil reservoir. 


  • Works at a speed of 2900 fpm
  • Ergonomic grip for convenient cutting
  • A large oil reservoir for lubrication


  • The saw is relatively large and harder to maneuver 
  • Requires extra time to assemble the chainsaw

How to Choose a Chainsaw for Home Use

Choosing a chainsaw for home use

Depending on your purpose and preference, these are some important factors that you have to consider in order to find the best chainsaw for home use. 

1. Types of Chainsaws

Two of the most popular types of chainsaw for home use are the standard model and the pole chainsaw. 

A pole chainsaw is usually more versatile as it allows you to cut branches in unreachable heights. 

However, a regular chainsaw is usually more powerful depending on the product. You can also get an enclosed saw if you prefer a smaller tool to work with!

2. Chainsaw Power

Depending on the power options, each chainsaw will have a different capacity. 

A regular gas-powered chainsaw usually possesses more power, but it will require frequent maintenance especially on its tank. 

On the other hand, an electric powered chainsaw will be easier to maintain, but usually generates less power. 

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3. Chain type

Each chainsaw has their own unique chain, although most of them work similarly and you will have no problem using it. 

But if you do have your own preference or a favorite chain, make sure that the chainsaw you get is easy to modify. 

Trust me, this will make your job so much easier later!

4. Handle Position

There are two different kinds of handle positions that you will find in a chainsaw. 

If you prefer a versatile and light operation, a chainsaw with a top handle will be perfect for you. 

Imagine holding a chainsaw from the top. It’s easier to maneuver between objects, but keep in mind that you will have to sacrifice a little stability with this type. 

The second type of handle is the rear handle, which you can find in heavier chainsaws with more power. This kind of handle provides less mobility. 

Moreover, it will help you a lot in maintaining your position when cutting through a thick object. 

5. Anti-vibration

It will be impossible to find a chainsaw with 0 vibration. A smaller chainsaw will vibrate less than a larger chainsaw. 

But if you are looking for a large chainsaw with less vibration, you can look for the anti-vibration features such as a rubberized handle. 

Some people are not bothered with vibration, although too much vibration may cause fatigue in your hands. 

6. Guide Bar Size

If you only cut through small objects, a chainsaw of any length will be just fine. 

However, you must pay extra attention if you are looking forward to a heavy-duty job. 

The safest way to choose a chainsaw with the right size for you is by getting one with a length of at least half of the diameter of the object you are cutting. 

Otherwise, you may need extra effort to cut through thick objects. 

7. Price

Price does not always reflect the quality of the product. The same rule applies when choosing a chainsaw, just make sure to get one that fits your budget. 

I also recommend verifying its quality by taking a look at the customer reviews online!

8. Warranty

If you are buying from an established brand, this should not be a problem as they usually provide warranty and have excellent customer service. 

Just make sure that your product has a warranty long enough if you are purchasing from smaller brands.


One tip from us when choosing the best chainsaw for home use is to not overthink. 

While the chainsaw you are getting may not be the best one available, it should be right for you to get a chainsaw that fulfills all your needs. 

Of course, remember to adjust the brand and type depending on your own budget. Happy shopping!