Bucktool BD4801 Belt Sander Review



Bucktool BD4801 Belt Sander Review

A belt sander is a common and must-have woodworking tool used to shape and finish wood, among other materials. The machine features a motor to turn a drum covered with sandpaper. It is often used to trim, sand rough edges, level surface and freehand shaping.

One of the most popular belt sanders you can find in the market is the Bucktool BD4801. This article will review some of its advantages and disadvantages to help you get a clearer overview. 

Hopefully, we can help you decide if this is the right belt sander for your budget and needs. Let’s get started!


1. Motor 

One of its biggest pros is the powerful motor that comes with it, which enables the disc to rotate at 3450 rpm, and the belt at 2161 rpm. Add to that three 4HP direct drive design, you will enjoy maximum efficiency. 

This also means that you can have up to 25% more productive sanding experience. Not to mention that the motor boasts noiseless operation!

2. Adjustable Angle

Adjust the Bucktool BD4801 at various angles for the most comfortable and conducive use. You can adjust the disc sander between 0 to 90 degrees, making the sanding process much easier and more ergonomic. 

It also features a driven sander that is perfect for projects involving curved edges.

3. Sanding Disc and Belt

A common complaint with the average belt sander design is the constant need to replace belts and discs. These parts will start to wear after a while and hinder the performance. 

Fortunately, this belt sander comes with an innovation that does not include the cog belt design.

4. Sturdy Build

BUCKTOOL BD4801 design

Moreover, we love the Bucktool BD4801 because of its extremely sturdy build, thanks to the cast aluminum material. The two mounting holes also help minimize vibration and let you work more comfortably. 

Not only that, this enhances the quality and premium feel of the tool. At 40.1 pounds, this belt sander is durable too.

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4. Dust Collection

We all know that sanding is a messy business, especially because dust is almost guaranteed to cover every inch of your workstation. 

That is how the built-in dust collector comes into play! 

This Bucktool belt sander comes with 2 dust ports that can be connected to a Y-fitted hose. From now on, you do not have to worry about making a huge mess when working with your belt sander.

5. Safety Switch with Key 

Belt sanders, like most power tools, come with its own set of safety hazards. For example, you may catch your hands or clothing in the turning rolls. 

You may also get abrasions or lacerations if you accidentally touch the running surface. 

The good news is that this model comes with a safety switch and key, which will ensure you can remain safe while using it.

6. Sanding Disc Protection During Shipment

One thing to note when buying a belt sander is that the disc part may wobble, especially during a poor delivery. 

Do not worry! The Bucktool BD4801 will come with a heavy steel cover which will protect the sanding disc during shipment. 

If what you receive is unsatisfactory, you are welcome to contact the distributor and they will help you out!


For all its incredible features and components, this Bucktool BD4801 still has some downsides too. 

For example, it has a relatively thin aluminum casting and may not be ideal for heavy construction-site projects. The belt may also feel unstable and unbalanced when you tilt it upwards. 

A few customers have also complained that the brand has poor quality control. Fortunately, this should not be a problem for most buyers. 

If you do receive faulty products, you should be able to return it for a new one. We can genuinely say that this belt sander is pretty solid as is.


In terms of price, the Bucktool BD4801 does lie on the higher end of the spectrum. Its retail price of $249.99 may change in the future too. 

However, we do think it is a solid and high-quality tool you can get. Just make sure that this is within your budget and has all the features that you need before buying.


That is all we have on the Bucktool BD4801 today. This could be the right belt sander for you if you want something sturdy, powerful and has a safety switch. 

It may be a good idea to look at a few other options, but overall, we do recommend this belt sander!