How to Use a Cordless Drill Safely



How to use a cordless drill

Unlike the traditional drill, a cordless drill runs on a rechargeable battery so you can use it without any electrical outlets nearby. 

It has a drill bit which turns when operating, and bores holes or fastens materials for you. All you need to do is press the trigger and let the drill do the work.

However, like any power tool, using a cordless drill can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. 

Not to worry, as I will show you the most essential tips on how to use a cordless drill safely. Let’s dive in!

1. Wear protective equipment

This might be something a lot of people would overlook, but wearing protective equipment is always a good idea when dealing with power tools. Including your cordless drill! 

I recommend wearing safety goggles at the very least, as well as some masks to avoid breathing in dust and shavings. If you want to wear gloves to protect your hands, only use tight-fitting gloves.

2. Avoid loose clothing

However, keeping safe when using a cordless drill is not just about wearing as many clothes as possible. In fact, loose clothing and pieces are a hazard, and it is best to avoid them. 

This is because the drill may catch and cause these objects to tangle when it is spinning. Take off your sweaters, jewellery, and other accessories.

3. Use the right drill bit

It’s crucial to use the right drill bit as the wrong one might cause it or the material to break. A general bit would work on most types of wood, but you might want a masonry bit for stonework and concrete, or a high-speed steel bit for other metals.

If you are working with any hard or brittle materials, the best type to use is a diamond-tipped bit. Additionally, do not forget to also choose the correct-sized bit. This could affect your overall safety and also the final results you can get.

4. Ensure the drill bit fits properly in the chuck

My next tip is to know how to correctly attach your drill bit. It should be fitted tightly into the chuck, which is the clamp that fixes the bit into place when you use it. 

Some drills allow you to change the drill bit by hand while others require a chuck key. Whichever it is, make sure that the bit is secured correctly to avoid accidents. 

You can check by running the drill in the air. When the bit is properly fitted, it will not wobble or appear blurry at all.

5. Drill pilot holes

Drill pilot holes

Before you start on the actual project, I recommend drilling pilot holes. These are holes that are smaller than what you need, which you can create using a smaller drill bit. 

This will prevent the final drill bit to “slip” and cause splitting wood or other incidents. You can simply switch to the larger bit when ready.

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6. Don’t forget a drill stand

It could also be worthwhile to use a drill stand, as this will provide a stable guide or frame. This is especially important if you are working with harder materials or need to make straight holes. 

Not only that, using a stand will help prevent slippage so you can produce cleaner works.

7. Use steady pressure

When using your cordless drill, remember to hold still and use steady pressure. Used correctly, using this tool should be rather effortless and not tiring at all. 

It should not feel like you need to put anything more than gentle force on the drill or material. If so, this might mean you have been using the wrong bit.

8. Avoid overheating

Another important tip is to avoid overheating your power tool, especially when working with tough materials. When it overheats, the bit will turn red or even burn the material! This could be dangerous if you accidentally touch the hot bit and injure yourself.

Instead, you should start at a slow speed and pause sometimes to let the drill bit breathe. Supplying it with some water could be a good idea. Also, make sure to let your bit cool down before disassembling and storing it.

All in all, you shouldn’t be scared of using a cordless drill! As long as you keep these tips in mind and apply them during your work, you should be completely fine. 

It is unlikely that someone could injure themselves when using a cordless drill, although it doesn’t hurt to be careful.