Porter-Cable PCC790LA Cordless Brad Nailer Review



Porter-Cable PCC790LA review

A brad nailer is used by contractors because their small size is easier to conceal in delicate wood trims. It works almost like a pneumatic nail gain and uses compressed gas fuel to operate. 

The cordless brad nailer is essentially a compact and convenient variation that doesn’t come with any cords. It’s great if you want something easy to use.

If you are looking for a cordless brad nailer, one of my top recommendations would be the Porter-Cable PCC790LA. Don’t worry if you’re still unsure.

In this post, I am going to give you an in-depth review of the pros and cons to the Porter-Cable PCC790LA.


1. Design

Porter-Cable PCC790LA design

This brad nailer may look bigger and bulkier than other models, which makes it less suitable for tight corners. However, its lightweight design means you won’t feel fatigued when using. 

It’s also compact for easy storage and portability. Not to mention that it comes with an ergonomic grip, easy-to-access battery unit and helpful LED lights.

2. Brad Nail and Magazine

With this brad nailer, you can shoot around ⅝-inch to 2-inch nails on any kind of trim, whether hard of soft surface. 

The magazine is designed to load 100 fasteners, while loading the nails are extremely easy. Just press the red button, slide it and insert the nails!

3. Driving Depth

Testing Porter-Cable PCC790LA

The fastener depth of this nailer is easily adjustable, thanks to a clear indicator that can tell you when the depth has to be adjusted. 

Simply use the depth of the drive dial to do this. It also performs relatively well on the sequential firing mode, which is definitely a plus.

4. Easy Jam Clearance

You may be able to find an easy jam clearance system in a lot of cordless nailers. But this Porter Cable brad nailer has done this exceptionally well with its unique design! 

All you need to do is take out the battery, use the red lever before opening the latch on the nose. Then, clear the jam and you are ready to go again.

5. Powerful Battery

This battery-powered brad nailer comes with a 20V battery. The 1.5Ah Lithium-Ion actually can last you longer than NiCad. 

Yes, that means you can shoot up to 1300 brad nails with each charge if you use a 4.0Ah battery.

6. Multiple Tool-Free Settings

Another reason to love this Porter Cable brad nailer is its array of tool-free settings. This includes a tool-free stall release lever to remove jammed nails and jam release to clear any jams. 

Meanwhile, the depth adjustment wheel lets you adjust the drive depth while you’re working!

6. Trigger Lock-Off System

Porter-Cable PCC790LA lock-off system

Porter Cable ensures that user safety is top priority, which is why you have to push the tip before the trigger to shoot out nails. 

Not only that, but there is also a lock-off system. This means you won’t be able to shoot nails once you turn off the lock system.

7. Warranty

The last reason why this brad nailer is great is its 90 days money-back guarantee. This is an especially important feature for those who want to test the tool out first. 

Additionally, this includes a three-year warranty and one-year free servicing.


Unfortunately, the head design of the Porter-Cable PCC790LA makes it quite challenging to handle on tight corners. But with a little practice and patience, this is not something that cannot be overcome. 

Its slower recycle speed also means that there will be a delay in firing too, which is not ideal if you plan on doing a lot of work in less time.

I also looked at some of the most common complaints from customers, and that would be its poor durability. For some, this nail gun works for 6 months before it breaks down. 

Others face problems after only shooting 5 nails in total. At the end of the day, you have to decide whether to trust the brand or not.

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This brad nailer currently retails at $181.80 on Amazon, yet there is a possibility for this to change in the future. 

It is in a mid-price range when compared to other cordless brad nailers, which is a good deal considering all its features!


If we had to give a final verdict, the Porter-Cable PCC790LA is a great cordless brad nailer to get. It comes with a compact and lightweight design, powerful battery and some of the best features you will ever need for your project. 

Not to mention the safe trigger lock-off system. Happy shopping!