TACKLIFE PMS03A Sliding Miter Saw Review




A sliding miter saw is a type of saw that can be slid back and forth on a rail, which can help make bevels at any angle. It can do anything a compound miter saw can do.

However, it boasts a larger cutting capacity, as a sliding miter saw lets you cut thicker materials more easily. 

One of the most popular sliding miter saws is the TACKLIFE PMS03A. Perhaps you are interested in buying this saw but aren’t sure what its advantages and disadvantages are. 

Today, I will review the TACKLIFE PMS03A. I hope this article can be useful for you!


1. Double-Bevel Cutting

Double-Bevel Cutting of the TACKLIFE PMS03A

One of the best features is its double-bevel design, which allows you to freely adjust the angle -45°-0°-45°. This means you can make any oblique cutting to suit your needs. 

Compared to a single-bevel miter saw, you can now easily make various angled cuts just by swinging the saw.

2. Powerful Motor

This saw has a powerful 15Amp/1700W motor that can rotate up to 3,800 per minute. Making smooth cuts through various materials will be as easy as it sounds, not to mention you can do it faster. 

Such full-size performance also means you can cut any materials like wood, plastic, aluminum alloy and even metal plates.

3. High Grade Blade

High Grade Blade of the TACKLIFE PMS03A

The high-grade 40 tooth tungsten carbide tipped blade is something that might catch your attention, if anything else. 

Again, this chop saw can help you cut through various materials with incredible ease. This also allows you to make smooth grooving and trenching.

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4. Ergonomic Design

Not to worry about hard-to-handle machines, as this saw boasts an ergonomic design. The D-handle is soft for a comfortable and stronger grip. 

Meanwhile, the double linear sliding rail can give you a smooth, steady and precise cutting work. Not to mention that it’s easy to transport and bring around.

5. Accurate Laser Maker

Accurate Laser Maker of the TACKLIFE PMS03A

There is an accurate laser marker too, which can track the real-time position. The visible red laser guide will allow you to make precise and professional cuts. No more shaky, uneven cuts!

6. Precise Mitre Scale

Another excellent advantage of this saw is its precise and adjustable miter scale. It features several positive stops, including -45°/-22.5°/0°/+22.5°/+45°, that lets you quickly set the most common angles. 

This means making square, bevel and compound cuts in no time! Plus, the scale reading is carved right on the miter scale itself for better visibility and durability.

7. Efficient Dust Bag

Efficient Dust Bag of the TACKLIFE PMS03A

Lastly, one of the most useful but often overlooked aspects of a miter saw is its dust bag. The good news is that the TACKLIFE PMS03A comes with a large capacity dust bag! 

You can now work more clean and healthily, while keeping your workshop tidier in general too.


Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks that customers have found from using this saw for a while. Most noticeable is despite the relatively powerful motor, it is still too small for a 12″ saw. 

There have been several incidents regarding the safety shield and guard attachment, which do not seem to be fitted securely. These have led to the shield and guard flying way during use – definitely a safety hazard.

Long periods of leaving the saw unused may also lead to malfunctioning parts. In addition, it appears that the Tacklife customer service is not the most laudable. 

You may find it hard to get a useful response from the company if you do encounter any problems with the product.


Retailing at US$ 264 when this article was written, the Tacklife PMS03A is by no means the cheapest sliding miter saw you can get. It is also not the most high-end as you can find others more expensive. 

However, I do think it’s worthwhile considering the quality this saw offers. Do note that this price might change at some point too.

Check the current price of the Tacklife PMS03A at Amazon.

What’s in the box?

On your purchase, you will get more than just the Tacklife PMS03A compound miter saw. The package includes:

  • one 40 Tooth TCT blade
  • a clamping device
  • a dust bag
  • 2 side supports
  • 2 Allen wrenches

Not to worry, you will also get a user manual and maintenance card as well!


The TACKLIFE PMS03A is an overall solid sliding miter saw with a powerful motor, high-grade blade and incredible precision. Plus, it has an ergonomic design, accurate laser maker and dust bag too. 

In conclusion, I do highly recommend this for anyone looking to complete their armada of power tools. Buy the TACKLIFE PMS03A at Amazon.