If you’re fan of DIYs and woodworking, you might’ve heard of the TACKLIFE TCS115A. This mini circular saw is quite a hot topic in the woodworking industry nowadays. Well, this is because of the features it offers.

Many people go for the TACKLIKE TCS115A when they need to purchase a good mini circular saw. So, what exactly makes this tool special and what are its pros and cons?


1. Safety

Your safety is always the number one priority and the TCS115A guarantees that. It features 3 main safety mechanisms which are the double protection switch, motor postposition and ergonomic slim grip.

To start with, the double protection switch ensures that you press both the safety switch and power buttons simultaneously before running the saw, to prevent the machine from being accidentally run.

Furthermore, the motor is in a postposition, making sure the operation is always stable.

Not just for your safety, the TCS115A also ensures your comfort with its ergonomic slip grip for less-fatigue and firmer grip.

2. Weight

The TCS115A is an extremely compact, lightweight, and maneuverable mini circular saw, with weight of only 8.2 pounds.

With this weight, you’ll be able to work for a long time with accuracy and efficiency. Of course, there are lighter saws in the market but the weight of the TCS115A is just ideal for any job.

3. Motor and Body

Aside from being lightweight and safe, the TCS115A also comes with a powerful 5.8amp copper motor for enhanced performance.

Despite its non-expensive price, it has a very efficient cutting speed of 3,500 RPM making it capable of cutting anything including ceramics and woods.

Actually, the powerful motor and efficient cutting speed is the primary reason why people choose to get the TCS115A and instead of other saws with lower price and identical features.

4. Cutting Capacity

Another feature to look out for is the cutting capacity. Bevel cutting can be adjusted flexibly from 90° to 45°.

The TACKLIFE TCS115A mini circular caw has a maximum cutting depth of 1-11/16” at 90°. Meanwhile, the bevel capacity at 45° is 1-3/8”.

You won’t have to worry about making unstraight cuts. Why? Because the saw is equipped with a parallel guide attachment for straight, precise cuts.

Moreover, this saw comes in a left-handed blade design for an improved cut-line visibility. 

5. Blades

With addition of the blades, it wouldn’t be farfetched to name the TACKLIFE TCS115A as of the best mini circular saw in the market.

It comes with 6 switchable practical blades that are able to cut different materials including wood and soft metal.

Two blades are tungsten carbide-tipped blades that are normally used for cutting wood. Another two are grit diamond blades commonly used for dealing with ceramics. The remaining 2 blades are teeth high-speed steel blades for cutting materials like aluminum.

6. Laser Guide

The TCS115A comes with a laser guide to guide you through circular or linear cutting without the need for extra tools.

The red color of the laser enhances visibility and is easier to identify compared to other colors.


Every product comes with a few downsides and same goes for the TACKLIFE TCS115A.

Some people are complaining about the double safety switch feature specifically on the location of the safety button and the design of the handle which are hard to press simultaneously.

Another improvement that can be done is the laser. While the tool is operated by electricity, the laser is battery operated. This troubles lots of people due to short battery life.

What’s in the Box?

By getting the TCS115A, you’ll be getting lots of valuable accessories in the box which eliminates the need to spend on external tools. Of course, you’ll surely be getting 1 unit of TACKLIFE TCS115A circular saw.

Meanwhile the accessories you’ll be getting are 6 multi-purpose blades, 1 metal handle, 1 parallel guide, 1 elbow dust port, along with 1 hex key.

Finally, you’ll be getting a clear user manual for guidance.


If you’re looking for the right mini circular saw, do consider the TACKLIFE TCS115A. It’s affordable, lightweight and powerful. It comes with various safety mechanisms and numerous accessories.

So, if you’re looking for a combination of affordable price and good quality, the TCS115A is easily the one for you. The saw is especially suitable for cutting ceramics and plywood.